World Trade Center / Pentagon 9-11-01 USA Necklace
with quartz crystal pendant and Swarovski colored crystal beads

As the events of the tragedy played on the radio I gathered myself to go to the Red Cross to give blood.
On the blood bank TV I watched in horror as first one tower, then the other collapsed.
Many brave firefighters, police, and EMT's lost their lives trying to rescue others - and
my heart went out to all involved.  When I got home I began working on this necklace.
9-13-01 was designated as "Show your colors day" (or something like that) and I wore this
on that day to show support and to honor and remember all those fallen in this horrible tragedy.
This terrorist attack has not merely affected those of us in the USA, but the entire world over.
Nothing in this world will ever be the same.

Shalom aleikum

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full necklace
closeup of pendant
Swarovski crystal beads
as worn

This necklace is made of copper wire with vintage glass beads (clear, black), colored Swarovski (Austrian) crystals (blue, red), and a natural quartz crystal pendant.  The crystal pendant is 1 1/2 inches tall and the copper yoke is approx. 2 3/4 inches wide.  Length of chain (open, including yoke) is 20 inches.

PRICE:  $50.00           INQUIRY/ORDER

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