Copper "Celtic" design pins

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These bent-wire pins are made with 16 gauge copper jewelry wire.  The four double-loop pins are nearly 2 inches long, the diamond shaped pin is 1 1/8th inches wide by 1 inch tall, and the tiny "clover" loop pin is 1 inch wide by 3/8ths of an inch tall.

Small quantities (more than one) of these pins are also available, please inquire.

PRICE:  $10.00 each           INQUIRY/ORDER

A small bit of information regarding these pins and others like them on this site:  They were made with the assistance of an incredibly useful jewelry wire bending jig called the Wire Wizard.  This jig is high quality, and Corrine Gurry, the woman who invented the jig, is a clever and resourceful lady with a lot "going on". SMILE!  If you are interested in purchasing a Wire Wizard jig for your own use, please go to Ms. Gurry's website:  THE WIRE WIZARD.  I also highly recommend her instructional video - it is clear, thorough, and will give you a good strong base of information - plus a lot of great ideas! - to get you started making your own bent wire jewelry.

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