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          Many people have asked about ME, for some strange reason - so I thought I would put up a page offering at least some story as to who I am and why I am here, and what is my fate - but the MOST IMPORTANT question remains to be answered:  Where are the cookies???

          All right, here it is, by popular request - quite simply - ME:  I am originally from Northlake IL USA, which is a western suburb of Chicago.  Born September 25th, 1957 (presents or monetary contributions will be humbly accepted!) (HA!), I am the daughter of a first-generation Hungarian-American card-carrying 30-year union carpenter father and a first-generation German-American housemom mother.  I have one sister named Francine (Hi Fran!).  I went to Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal IL for two years (art, music, photography, English, and anthropology) and also attended a couple of summers of college courses with Northwestern University - learning to be an archaeologist - while working on a dig on the Illinois River in Kampsville.  I then lived in FL (all over) for about eight months.  After that I lived in Chicago (Edgewater and Humboldt Park) for about six years, then moved to Los Angeles CA in 1983.

          I am a live action or candid photographer (not a paparazzo!), graphics artist, webmistress (or DOMAIN-natrix, if you prefer) (HA!), an independent sales representative of ganoderma (reishi, lingzhi) (check out Ganotherapy USA if you are suffering from any kind of ailment - Chinese herbal medicine is thousands of years old and they were RIGHT!), writer, and just about anything else I can get into to help me continue this way of life which entails rising fairly early, having breakfast in bed (with my three cats), going to work about thirty feet from my bed in my home office in the dining room, having dinner right around three PM and snoozing until about five or six PM (ahhhhh, siesta!), and then working until way past midnight...  These types of days are interrupted by camping trips, plus Bead Faires, Gem and Jewelry Shows, Renaissance Faires, and other places where I might either buy supplies or sell my original handmade wire and glass bead jewelry.   YES, this is WORK! (ha, what a life!)

          Other interests include:  Folk music, contemporary and traditional jazz, David Sanborn, Dave Brubeck, Grover Washington Jr., Count Basie, Duke Ellington) and blues, Neil Diamond (don't groan, he writes the most wonderful songs and you probably enjoy him more than you realize!), Aerosmith (rock on!), the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (yes, I am a pirate!), polo (on horseback) (spectator and photographer, not participant!), camping, hiking, reading (non-fiction such as bio & autobiography, history, true crime, war, etc, PLUS sci-fi/fantasy, spy novels, mysteries, something good and content-heavy to sink my teeth into), humor (not to be confused with comedy), and COMPUTERS and the Internet (yes, I LOVE this stuff!).

          I don't claim to be an amazing programmer or hacker (hardly!) but I have been doing this computer stuff since about 1988.

          Here are some examples of my website work:

I have too much fun doing this stuff.      :)

          I am single, never been married (proposed to twice, tho!) (one of the nicest things about being single is not ever having to explain to someone where you've been all night long) (HA!), no children (just my three cats - yes that's them on my logo - and one rat who sleeps when I play my albums so he didn't get into the logo), and I have been said to be "cleverly disguised as a responsible adult", tho a friend assures me the disguise isn't THAT clever! (HA!)

          Some personal favorite www links:

          Here's a quote, and then I'll end this self-indulgence:  "...Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry..."  -Mark Twain.


Keep smiling - everyone will wonder what you've been up to!

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