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Franz Marc (German, 1880-1916) is, without any reservation, my favorite artist.  I first saw one of his paintings while strolling around the Art Institute of Chicago - a place I frequented before and during living in that city.  The painting I saw was "The Bewitched Mill", and the riot of colors and the marvelous almost Cubistic forms literally stopped me in my tracks.  I can still recall the corner of the room where I saw it, and went back to visit the painting as many times as I could (having a museum membership helped!).

Impressed by such painters as Gauguin and Van Gogh, Marc was a pioneer in the birth of abstract art at the beginning of the twentieth-century.  He helped Wassily Kandinsky found The Blaue Reiter Group, which put forth a new program for art based on exuberant color and on profoundly felt emotional and spiritual states.  It was Marc's particular contribution to introduce paradisiacal imagery that had as its central theme a collection of animals, most notably a group of magnificent horses.

I have been wanting to put up a gallery of as many of his paintings as I could find - and my search for more of his works have lead to some wonderful discoveries.  I still love "The Bewitched Mill" - but there are many others now that make me marvel anew at the pure talent and passion in his work.  Tragically, Marc was killed in battle during World War I, at the age of thirty-six - but not before he had created some of the most exciting and touching paintings of the Expressionist movement.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

marc_biopic.jpg marc_biopic2.jpg marc_biopic3.jpg bewitched_mill.jpg 46069_a.jpg - 2637 Bytes 61827_a.jpg - 2935 Bytes im_regenlg.jpg
animals-r.jpg tirollg.jpg rehe_im_wald_II.jpg cows_yellow-red-green-r.jpg das_schaflg.jpg das_springende_pferdlg.jpg deer_at_dusk-r.jpg
deer_in_a_monastery_garden-r.jpg deer_in_the_snow-r.jpg deer_in_the_wood-r.jpg der_traumlg.jpg der_turm_der_blauen_pferde.jpg die-kleinen-bergziegen.jpg 080_6410373_a.jpg - 1952 Bytes
elephant-r.jpg fabeltiere-i.jpg 1500-11813_a.jpg - 2835 Bytes 2279_a.jpg - 3425 Bytes foxes-r.jpg grazing_horses-r.jpg herdsmen.jpg
NG154_a.jpg - 2242 Bytes blue-black_fox-r.jpg indersdorf-r.jpg kleine-komposition-ii.jpg 030_Sa108mar_a.jpg - 2276 Bytes the_little_blue_horses-r.jpg cats_on_a_red_cloth-r.jpg
marc_composition_3.jpg marc_deer_in_the_forest.jpg S572_a.jpg - 3216 Bytes mit_haus,_hund_und_rind_ilg.jpg marc_mandrill.jpg marc_two_cats.jpg 206S_a.jpg - 5782 Bytes
TFA703_a.jpg - 3243 Bytes marc22-r.jpg pferde-am-waldwasser.jpg pferde-und-adler.jpg picture_with_cattlelg.jpg riding_schoollg.jpg cavalla.jpg
61828_a.jpg - 2844 Bytes schlafende-tiere.jpg siebdruck.jpg spielende-wiesel.jpg M609_a.jpg - 2466 Bytes E388_a.jpg - 2476 Bytes cavallo.jpg
pferde2.jpg tierlegendelg.jpg tiger.jpg trauemendes_pferdlg.jpg PF109_a.jpg - 2025 Bytes cavallo-giallo-limone.jpg village_streetlg.jpg
wolveslg.jpg 389_a.jpg - 3326 Bytes affenfrieslg.jpg C9458L_a.jpg - 2370 Bytes ECO6032_a.jpg - 2388 Bytes NG1552_a.jpg - 3086 Bytes 030_Lei001ma_a.jpg - 2460 Bytes
030_Ma047mar_a.jpg - 2418 Bytes 207S_a.jpg - 4948 Bytes 080_6510179_a.jpg - 2324 Bytes 080_6510255_a.jpg - 2345 Bytes 46066_a.jpg - 2523 Bytes VR315_a.jpg - 2081 Bytes hund_katze_fuchs-a.jpg - 10046 Bytes

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